Thursday, 07 June 2012

New Style Fashion Top Grade Quality Cosplay wig

Many women love wigs reason is very simple, because it can make your hair may be shorter or longer, can be directly and curly.let your own imagination and to sway the art of color, even feather hair extension if this fake art not true, but its simulation technology and the effect of realistic, had as people whom praise.Forged not only change the external image, it is important also brings an unusual freshness and excitement.More and more fashionable woman needs a wig, but women who know how to select a vogue wig is few,Here's some tips on how to choose a wig from the figure and characteristics.Office ladies with short hair look in casual competence, shawls long hair make a woman in love is gentle enough, the weekend put the colorful wigs will make you become the star of the dance...The colorful variety of wigs so that urban women Variety Beauty, and to avoid the risk to try a new hairstyle.Often wear wigs, generally two or three months washing time is appropriate. Before the washing, first with a comb wig combed, and then diluted conditioner hair conditioner solution while washing the side comb. The cut can not use both hands to rub twist, can not fake foam wash in the washing liquid. The application of both hands gently along the hair direction of drift net above the bubble, and then dry and avoid exposure in the sun. The wig enthusiasts it is humility that makes her amazing wig styling, but it is this lazy.She had had a long hair, but once hot, dyed hair is not very good. So the first feature is the wig to protect her head fragile real hair.The wig lovers, said: "since college, I'll try a wig when popular full lace wigs,especially the celebrity,and to the barber shop to do hair style is more expensive, I bought a full lace wig, I did not think the results were great.then I began to try wear other different kinds of vogue wigs. sometimes the morning, too lazy to wash your hair, wearing a wigs is perfect!Wig in the home have a common problem is that often without place for some time will become edgy, not shiny, then lace wigs you can only still litter bins, but a wig is not like a rolls of toilet paper is so cheap, somewhat like a waste! Is there any way we can make the wig permanently glossy, shaped like real hair? Here to teach you the recipe, so we have becomea expert of caring wigs!Wig to wear coordinated with your skin color,if you have own hair, you should try to choose with their hair color the same or close to the color;Hair less own no hair should be selected according to skin color. Color white should choose a brownish yellow, light brown wig; color black should choose black, brown black wig; color yellow should choose maroon, dark brown wig; to participate in make-up party and other activities should be based on the makeup color and lighting to select and coordinate its wigs, such as wine red, yellow, orange, red, purple.Lace frontals and lace fronts require the majority of the wearer's hair to be exposed to cold weather, wind, sun damage and heat styling. A full lace wig is considered a protective style for many women who have gone natural and front lace wigs decided to grow out their non-chemically enhanced hair texture. Underneath the full lace wig it is possible to braid the hair to promote growth. For women who want to cut their hair and start from scratch, a full lace wig is the only route. All other lace wig types require additional extensions or the wearer's hair to be worn out.

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