Tuesday, 12 June 2012

>Martha Stewart Gets Crafty With Proenza Schouler Designers - StyleList

Proenza Schouler's Lazaro Hernandez (left) and Jack McCollough (right) tie-dye silk scarves with Martha Stewart. Photo: Nick D/The Martha Stewart ShowTo kick off what's going to be a very fashionable spring season on the Martha Stewart Show, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler stopped by the domestic goddess's show yesterday to recreate the neon tie-dyes that defined their highly feather hair extension coveted Spring 2010 collection. Grinning from ear-to-ear, both designers flanked Stewart at her work table as they talked about the beginnings of their company and their big break -- involving the infamous story of Hernandez slipping a note to Anna Wintour on a plane -- while tie-dying china silk scarves without the aid of rubber bands or strings (get the list of supplies here). The three used multiple colors of the easy-to-use Simply Spray to liven up their scarves, although McCollough's ended up a bit blotchy, causing Stewart to compare it to the Rorschach ink blot test and decode the pattern in a cheesy way to read: "I see great success for a firm called Proenza Schouler." While working, the two revealed that one of their real tie-dye pieces -- a blue racer back jersey tank produced in India using a string method -- will be sold for $275 for a limited time on proenzaschouler.com. The lace wigs designing duo also explained that while they have dressed stars like Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kristen Stewart and Amy Adams, having celebrity fans isn't what it's all about for them."It's a fun part of the job, dressing those girls, but for us the most fun is putting on the shows," explained Hernandez, "Because that's really when our complete vision is expressed." Alas, after their crafting experience, the designers had a mini fashion show of five of their tie-dyed looks for Spring while chatting about how a vacation to Bora Bora and the tropical fish they saw while snorkeling inspired the collection. Perhaps the highlight of the show was when Stewart pouted that she couldn't fit into any of their garments, at which point the boys assured her that she was "just perfect." Although the highlight for audience members was most likely when it was announced they'd all be going home with a special Proenza Schouler keychain. Luckily, this episode (some of which you can see here) isn't the only one the style-inclined have to look forward to. Vogue's Andre front lace wigs Leon Talley will be cooking brioche with deviled eggs with Stewart -- and discussing America's Next Top Model -- on the April 30th show. And if you can't wait for that, you can tide yourself over with Elle's editor Roberta Myers who will appear on the show today -- April 7th -- to discuss the best up-and-coming designers to watch.

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